Men in Black International

Men in Black International: Seven years have passed since the last installment of the original People in Black trilogy was released, and last weekend Sony Pictures revived the Men In Black International franchise with Thor: Ragnarok duo Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. Unfortunately, he was not able to leave a critical or commercial impression on all parties involved in this additional effect, opening only $ 30 million in the latter category.

Well, like Hellboy’s reboot, Men In Black International did not have the smoothest production. THR provided detailed information on all the issues that occurred during the selection, including the script that was changed during the shoot, and director F. Gray Gray almost left the project.

They were believed to believe that the star power of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson would be enough to attract new fans, and an insider called the script “Art Markum” and “Matt Holloway” in the movie “Men in Black” as “good”. So Hemsworth and Thompson agreed to star in the film. primarily. After David Bober, head of Sony, who oversaw Men In Black International, left the studio last summer, F. Gary Gray and producer Walter Parks, who starred in the first film People in Black, came into conflict.

Presumably, the International Black’s early projects were “sharper and more up-to-date”, and this story was linked to the current immigration debate. There was even a moment when a Beatles-like music group was rogue and four members eventually merged into one creature.

Obviously, these historical pieces did not meet the approval of Walter Parks as he oversaw the overhaul during pre-production and production. Every day, new pages were sent to the actors, new texts were dropped, which some considered “more modern sensuality,” and finally Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson hired their own authors of the dialogues.

Agent H is assigned to protect a member of the royal alien family, and Molly, now Agent M, becomes a partner in this case. It seems that a simple operation goes south when two aliens attack the royal aliens that they should protect. Before his death, a foreigner gave Agent M a small stored good.

Agents H and M, who have to suffer the death of an alien, quickly realize that there can be a mole in the organization they work in. You’ll also find out that he actually gave the small agent Agent M, and their adventure becomes an arms race, ensuring that the most powerful weapon in the universe does not fall into the wrong hands.

Men in Black: International is not the only continuation of this weekend that left ticket buyers cold. Warner Bros. and New Lines “Shaft” with Samuel L. Jackson failed at $ 8.3 million in 2,952 locations. This is less than half what movie goers predicted to continue on the first three days of publication. For comparison: “Val” 2000 debuted at 21.7 million US dollars. The latest remake combines three generations of chess players by Jackson, Jesse Usher and Richard Roundtree, who starred in the original 1971 film. It costs 30 million dollars.

Positive feedback didn’t save another nationwide offer this weekend – Amazon Late Night. The comedy written by Kaling and her colleagues Kaling and Emma Thompson ranked ninth with 5.1 million dollars after the studio expanded the comedy to 2,220 spots. It was released in limited editions over the weekend and earned a solid $ 249,654, which is equivalent to $ 5.4 million from ticket sales. The late night of a TV host performing a series of assignments to protect her talk show from a rating disaster was well received after the premiere at Sundance, where Amazon sold $ 14 million for distribution rights at one of its biggest sales booked a party.

The latest addition to the weekend was The Dead Don’t Die, Jim Jarmusch’s comedy about zombies featuring Adam Driver, Billy Murray, Selena Gomez and Chloe Sevigny. The film, which debuted at Cannes in mixed reviews, was opened in 12th place with $ 2.35 million from 613 cinemas. According to Focus Features, the studio that distributes the film, this character marks the biggest weekend in Jarmusch’s career. Men accounted for 58% of tickets sold, while 64% of viewers were over 35 years old.

“We’re excited to see Jim’s biggest discovery and his most successful weekend in this film,” said Lisa Bannell, president of Distribution of Focus Features. “His unique interpretation of the zombie genre provides his trademark of humor, style and content for film fans.”

Not so long ago, Universal and Illumination brought $ 23 million in the Secret Life of Pets 2, which is 49 percent less than in the first launch. The animated sequel now earned $ 92 million in North America.

Disney’s Aladdin, a remake of an Arabic cartoon live, ranked third in the fourth theatrical weekend. He collected another $ 17 million and increased domestic shipments to $ 264 million.

Another Disney title, “X-Men,” a recording of “Dark Phoenix,” was a dear mistake last weekend. He dropped to fourth place and added $ 9 million. This represents a significant drop in ticket sales by 73% compared to its first movie theater weekend.

Top 5 rounded off by Paramount. The fantasy biopic, in which the avid Taron Egerton dramatizes the life and times of Sir Elton John, won $ 8.8 million in his third performance, a total of $ 66 million in North America.

In general, ticket sales at local ticket offices, according to Comscore, fell by a little more than 7% compared with the previous year. A number of future blockbuster performers, including Disney’s Toy Story 4 and Spiderman from Sony, expect a revival in the rest of the boring summer season.