Men in Black International

Men in Black International:  June 18 (Xinhua) – “Men in Black: International”, a by-product of the sci-fi series “Men in Black”, continued to dominate the Chinese box office on the mainland on Monday as the China Movie Data Information Network announced on Tuesday ,

Sony “Men in Black: International” launched ticket sales at $ 28.5 million this weekend, but did not live up to expectations. This revenue accounts for about half of the revenue generated by the predecessors of the science fiction series on the first cinema weekend.

It was unlikely that the last post, highlighted by Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, would reach the same height as the original films with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, but the analysts expected a start over $ 30 million. Under the direction of F. Gray, Gray continues the continuation of Thompson and Hemsworth as black-suited agents protecting the Earth from a series of alien attacks. People in Black: International now rely on moviegoers abroad to make the action adventure a hit. Sony co-funded the film with Hemisphere and Tencent and spent $ 110 million on film production, which is about half the cost of producing MIB 3.

This summer, Hollywood seems to have come across a contagious case of franchise fatigue, because Men in Black: International and Mine are the last sequels, mostly rejected by North American moviegoers.

Sony “Men in Black: International” exceeded ticket sales by $ 30 million this weekend, but did not meet expectations. Revenues on Monday morning were slightly higher than Sunday’s forecasts, which predicted ticket sales of $ 28.5 million. This income is still about half of what the previous sci-fi episode earned on its first theatrical weekend. Three previous films “Men in Black” opened in the amount of more than 50 million dollars.

It was not expected that the last contribution of Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth would correspond to the levels of the original films with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, but analysts expect more than 30 million dollars to begin. Directed by F. Gray, Thompson and Hemsworth team up in black suits to protect the Earth from a series of alien attacks.

Critics praised the chemistry between Hemsworth and Thompson, who first shot the screen in the film “Thor: Ragnarok,” but otherwise were reviews for the next film, released seven years after the last release and 25 years after the first film , not interesting. It carries 24% on rotten tomatoes. The audience was also unenthusiastic, which resulted in “MIB: International” B CinemaScore.

The film raised 17.73 million yuan (about 2.57 million US dollars), which is about 29.99 percent of the daily amount.

This was followed by the domestic film “The Best Summer”, which earned about 10.87 million yuan.

“Godzilla: Monster King” finished third, earning about 6.79 million yuan from ticket sales.

People in Black: International earned 198 million yuan on its debut on June 14 in mainland China.

“Men In Black International,” starring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, most likely met with bad reviews. The movie was largely panned with its mediocre 24% on the Rotten Tomatoes rating page.

“Mine”, another big opening weekend, brought poor results. The film Warner Bros., in which Samuel L. Jackson starred and which represents a reboot of the classic 1971 film, came in sixth with a show in North America estimated at $ 8.3 million.

Mine also received bad reviews and received a 35% rating of rotten tomatoes.
Last weekend was also at the box office rather gloomy. The two biggest films of the past weekend, Universal’s Secret Lives of Pets 2 and Fox, the dark phoenix of the 20th century, fell short of the expectations of North American industry.

“The Secret Life of Pet 2” continued this weekend, finishing second with an estimated $ 23.8 million for the second weekend.
After two lazy weeks at the box office, Hollywood hopes to get back on its feet next weekend.

Pixar and Disney’s Toy Story 4, in which Tom Hanks and Tim Allen return to Woody and Buzz Lightyear, will open this weekend.
The film is the fourth in the popular franchise “Toy Story” and should continue the box office success of the brand. Since 1995, the franchise has reached nearly $ 2 billion.